EU-CHINA Aviation Partnership Project (APP)

The Chinese Government and the European Union have been successfully cooperating in the aviation field. At the heart of the EU-China Aviation Partnership Project (EU-China APP) is the call for closer coopera on between the EU and China at an official and authority level and the linking of technical cooperation with policy dialogue. This is reflected in the project’s objective of strengthening the economic partnership between the EU and China in the civil aviation domain. The project incorporates the idea of a close cooperation between EASA and various European project partners to bring best European aviation expertise to the project. Likewise on the Chinese side the project will interact with several Chinese stakeholders coordinated by CAAC.

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A new chapter in EU-China Aviation cooperation

The new Aviation Partnership Project (APP) aims to take the long standing aviation cooperation between the EU and China to the next level. By promoting a mutually beneficial partnership the APP will build closer aviation relations between the two sides to ensure sustained growth of aviation for our citizens.

For the first time, the European and Chinese aviation authorities, CAAC and EASA, directly implement activities together, in close cooperation with their partners. Initiated on 15th September 2015, the APP is set for a duration of 5 years (2015-20) with EU funds of 10 million euros. This new approach of cooperation will focus on activities of mutual interest in these areas:

  •    Airworthiness
  •    Environmental protection,
  •    ATM/ANS and airports,
  •    Economic policy and regulation,
  •    Aviation Safety and Security,
  •    Aviation Safety and Security,
  •    General aviation

EU-China cooperation began in 1999. From the beginning authorities and industries have been involved, with the objective of developing industrial and economic cooperation as well as aviation safety. The success of this initial phase led to the creation of the EU-China Civil Aviation Cooperation Project (EUCCAP, 2010-14) to deepen cooperation.

EASA-CAAC Project Preparation—January 2016

Project activities for 2016/17

The first work plan will include cooperation on Airworthiness with exchanges on the concept of Design Organisation Approvals. Training curricula for medium and senior level professionals will be developed on ATM/ANS. Regulatory cooperation will focus on oversight cooperation addressing topics such as ensuring the uniform application of rules across a region or within a sovereign state. Exchanges will also take place on the concept of performance based regulatory environment. General Aviation cooperation will continue with safety promotion exercises. A workshop on Helicopter Emergency Medical Services will illustrate concrete benefits General Aviation can offer to the wider public. Looking towards the future a group of Chinese and European experts will exchange on how technological advances can best be deployed for environmental sustainability of aviation. This will be rounded off by several visibility activities informing about European and Chinese aviation cooperation. Additional areas for cooperation have already been identified. These include security, drones, economic regulation, legislation and law enforcement. Related activities will now be further discussed. Implementation progress of the work plan will be reviewed in September 2016 to update or add new activities. Both sides emphasised the importance engaging in two way exchanges to further improve the understanding of EASA-CAAC Project Preparation—January 2016 each other’s aviation systems.

» The first Annual Work Plan can be found here