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Workshop on Environmental Regulations, New Technologies and Standards 

10-11 October 2017

The latest activity of the EU-China Aviation Partnership Project (APP) brought together European and Chinese experts for a comprehensive overview of the latest trends and challenges related to the environmental performance of the civil aviation sector. This two-day  event provided a platform for representatives of regulators, airlines, airports and other stakeholders to review the current environmental plans and initiatives. EASA Senior Regulations Officer for Environmental Protection, Mr. Stephen Arrowsmith introduced the European Aviation Environmental Report. Discussions focused on four interlinked environment related areas, namely technological improvements, discussions at ICAO regarding the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA), air traffic management (ATM) solutions for emission reductions and the role of airports in improved environmental performance. Participants highlighted current achievements but also called for improved collaborative decision making at airports and increased involvement of the general public in environmental efforts.

As a conclusion of the workshop, all stakeholders reiterated their commitment to the green development of the civil aviation sector and their shared interest in continuing cooperation and exchange of expertise in this domain. 

To view the presentations delivered during this activity, please click here. The page is password protected, in case you would like to access, please e-mail

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