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On 19 April 2018, the EU-China Aviation Partnership Project (APP) successfully concluded an information session on Electronic and Digital Licensing - an increasingly popular tool to simplify licensing by modernising the license application process and use of automated workflows to control each stage of the approval process.

Projects for implementation of E-licensing in aviation are being considered by several EU Member States, and CAAC has a functioning E-licensing system in implementation and is continuously working on improvements and the development of new functionalities.

With the participation of delegations from China and several European countries (Austria, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, The Netherlands and the UK), the workshop provided an opportunity to exchange practices between Europe and China on the implementation and challenges of the E-Licensing system.

Speakers from CAAC, EASA, Finland and Italy presented the path to digital transformation, discussed the capabilities of the e-licensing system, its implementation challenges, and plans for future development. The project dLAP (digital License for Aviation Pilot) which aims to support the digital licensing in Europe, and was launched on 18th April, was also presented.

To view the presentations delivered during this activity, please click here. The page is password protected, in case you would like to access, please e-mail

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