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4D Trajectory based operations and other new ATM technologies workshop

22-23 May 2019

Group photo - 4D - 20190522.jpg

From 22-23 May, the EU-China Aviation Partnership Project (APP) held workshop in Guilin, Guangxi province, dedicated to exchange on Trajectory Based Operations (TBO) and air traffic services (ATS) Datalink Communication. Experts exchanged on best practices in Europe and China acquired during the respective trial and implementation phases.

Presentations were delivered by ATMB, Airbus and EUROCONTROL to update the audience on the current implementation status and deployment plans of 4D TBO in China and Europe respectively. Subsequently, experiences from its development and advanced simulations in Europe were shared, as well as experience from the first 4D TBO Demonstration Flight in China. Participants were also given a presentation on how ground air traffic control systems and avionics equipment facilitate the deployment of 4D TBO. On the second day, the European and Chinese experts discussed Datalink, AeroMACS and VoIP communication technologies enabling the implementation process.  

The workshop was attended by 91 participants. It concluded with discussions on how to build a consistent and compatible TBO and ATS Datalink Communication system in the future. Through open discussions, participants contributed to gaining a shared vision of the opportunities brought by 4D TBO and enabling technologies to enhance ATM in China and Europe and in connection with other airspaces.

You can find the supporting resources for this activity here.  A password is required. To request access please contact Wang Lili at

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