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Remote and digital tower experience exchange visit

13-15 May 2019


From 13 to 15 May, the EU-China Aviation Partnership Project (APP) successfully facilitated an experience exchange visit of a CAAC-led delegation to Germany, dedicated to the regulatory framework for remote tower operations and application of this technology in Europe.

With the objective to contribute to the harmonisation of rules and standards for remote and digital tower concepts, this activity was organised in order to achieve better mutual understanding on the level of development and implementation of these concepts in Europe and China. It also provided for an opportunity to exchange on technologies developed in Europe and China for effective operation of remote towers.

The experience exchange started in Cologne at the headquarters of EASA where experts gave presentations on the regulatory tower concept in Europe. CAAC presented the development of remote and digital tower in China. The exchanges between the authorities on the subject were followed by contributions from the industry, with experts from Indra Navia, LFV, Saab Group, and HungaroControl sharing their experiences with remote and digital tower applications. The activity continued in Leipzig, where the delegation visited the DFS Remote Tower Centre and had an opportunity to see and discuss technical and operational aspects.

The Chinese delegation consisted of 5 representatives, from CAAC’s Air Traffic Regulation Office, the East China Regional Administration of CAAC, The Second Research Institute of CAAC, and Civil Aviation Air Traffic Management Technology Equipment Development Co Ltd.

In conclusion of the experience exchange visit, participants agreed on the need to internationally harmonise and develop common standards and guidance material to ensure system interoperability. The discussions made clear that there is good potential for Europe and China to further cooperate on this subject, and participants expressed the intention to have follow-up exchanges.

You can find the supporting resources for this activity here.  A password is required, to request access please contact Wang Lili at

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