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Design Organisation Approval – Focus on Design Assurance System workshop

14-15 January 2020


The EU-China Aviation Partnership Project (APP) held a successful workshop from 14 to 15 January on Design Organisation Approval (DOA), with a dedicated focus on the Design Assurance System (DAS) concept. This activity was the latest in a series of cooperation events between EASA and CAAC under the APP on the DOA subject.

Over the course of two days, Chinese and European participants listened to presentations from EASA and CAAC covering a regulatory overview of the DOA and DAS concepts as well as the Chinese DAS approach. EASA provided detailed explanations on the various relevant aspects, such as DAS deliverables, the independent monitor, independent verification of compliance, and changes to the DAS. Following each separate subject, industry stakeholders presented their methodology of compliance with the regulation. The contributions were delivered by Airbus Helicopters, ATR, Rolls-Royce, Airbus, Safran Aircraft Engines, Leonardo Helicopters, STC 21, and COMAC.

Participation in the workshop was high, both in terms of number of attendees and in engagement with the speakers through the many questions and discussion points raised. This facilitated a further increasing of stakeholders’ understanding on the DOA and DAS, fulfilling the prime objective of the activity. It was attended by EASA, the CAAC Aircraft Airworthiness Certification Department, the  Academy of Civil Aviation and Technology, representatives of industry holding DOA and DAS privileges, CAAC Airworthiness Certification Centers of CAAC, the CAAC Regional Administrations, the Civil Aviation University of China, the China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology, the Civil Aviation Management Institute of China, the Aviation Fuel & Chemical Airworthiness Certification Center of CAAC and representatives of Chinese and European industry holding design organisation approval.

You can find the supporting resources for this activity here.  A password is required. To request access please contact Wang Lili at

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