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Electric Hybrid Propulsion Workshop

8 & 10 March 2022

EHPS workshop.png

With the opening of the Electric Hybrid Propulsion Workshop on 8 March 2022, the second phase of the EU-China Aviation Partnership Project (APP) started a new series of activities to further strengthen the cooperation between the European and Chinese aviation communities. With 23 activities on the calendar for this year, EASA and CAAC renewed their commitment to building a strong partnership and kicked off with an activity dedicated to electric hybrid propulsion system (EHPS) certification.

The first day session started with a general overview of EASA and CAAC roadmaps to EHPS certification. Subsequently, the authorities provided the participants with more in-depth presentations on EHPS certification basis, specifications, progress on Means of Compliance, and regulatory evolution of the means of certification, among others. During the second day session on 10 March, EASA and CAAC presented their certification approach for propulsion batteries. Finally, the industry view on EHPS certification was provided through contributions by Safran Helicopter Engines, Liaoning General Aviation Academy, and Pipistrel Aircraft.

The activity was attended by more than 100 participants and many took the opportunity to raise questions to the speakers. The resulting lively discussion contributed to the effective exchange between the European and Chinese experts, who concluded the success of the workshop and expressed to be looking forward to continued cooperation on this important subject.

You can find the supporting resources for this activity here.  A password is required. To request access please contact Wang Lili at

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