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Engine Certification and Validation Workshop

12-14 September 2017

On 12, 13, 14 September, a workshop on engine certification and validation took place in Beijing in the Civil Aviation Management Institute of China.

This 3-day workshop featured comprehensive exchanges between experts of CAAC, EASA and the European and Chinese aviation industries on certification and validation processes for engines. The activity covered a number of aspects including an overview of the regulatory frameworks and engine certification standards in the EU and China. During the course of the workshops, participants reviewed the complete European and Chinese Certification procedures, from the establishment of the certification basis to the continued airworthiness of the engine type design. Particular highlight was given on the Design Organisation Approval Concept (DOA) which allows for risk based involvement of EASA experts. On the third day, EASA and industry experts reviewed a range of specific technical topics related to engine certification, such as bird strikes, rail and hail ingestions and icing. This workshop allowed the industry and both Authorities to  share their views and compare both systems. It was as well an opportunity to align our understanding on engine technical matters in order to facilitate the validation processes. Better knowing each others and understanding our differences is a key element for successful cooperation between both countries. This is particularly important at a time where the bilateral agreement is being negotiated.

To view the activity resources, please click here. The page is password protected, in case you would like to access, please send an e-mail to

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