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Experience Exchange on Unmanned Aircraft Systems

3 March 2017

The first UAS workshop between EASA and CAAC attracted 150 representatives from the sector. The activity organised by the EU-China Aviation Project (APP) provided a platform to exchange on regulatory developments, support tools for tracking and oversight as well as innovative ideas from industry for future application of drones.

After Captain Zhu Tao’s opening address for CAAC Flight Standards, the floor was given to a variety of experts, including EASA representative Antonio Marchetto, who provided an excellent overview on the regulatory work EASA is involved in and the Agency led task forces on geo-fencing and collision impact. The CAAC presentations showed off ‘u-cloud’, an advanced software solution for UAS tracking. The ambition of industry for innovative UAS applications was reflected in presentations such as the Chinese logistics company Shunfeng Express (SF) who envisions using unmanned drones for freight forwarding across China.

Local media covered the event including the Beijing TV station: (clip in Chinese after a short advertisement)

You can find the supporting resources for this activity here. A password is required, to get it please contact Wang Lili at

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