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Evidence Based Training (EBT) Workshop

24 May,  9 - 10 June 2022

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In June 2020, EASA and CAAC started their cooperation on Evidence Based Training (EBT), exchanging experience on the standard practices to develop and implement EBT programmes. The EBT concept addresses the need to develop a new paradigm for competency-based training and assessment (CBTA) of airline pilots, based on evidence.

Taking their cooperation forward this year, EASA and CAAC organised a workshop on 24 May, 9 and 10 June under the EU-China Aviation Partnership Project (APP) to update each other on implementation experience, new developments and to exchange on lessons learned in the meantime together with the industry stakeholders. A total for over 200 participants joined the event.

During the three days, subjects such as EBT manager course concept, training and competences and skills, EBT roadmap implementation practices, Instructor’s training and evaluation, Inspectors EBT course concept overview, EBT scenarios design methods and Equivalency of Malfunctions were discussed, with lively question and answer sessions between the speakers and attendees. Contributing presentations came from the dedicated experts of EASA, CAAC, Wizz Air, Lufthansa, Air France, China Southern Airlines, Iberia, Helvetic Airways, Airbus, and Independent Researcher F. Mohrmann.

You can find the supporting resources for this activity here.  A password is required. To request access please contact Wang Lili at

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