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Upcoming Activities

Here you can find information about the upcoming activities of the EU-China APP. To get more information, please contact Jesper Jansen:

2024 CAAC-EASA Aviation Safety Conference:
28-30 May in Xiamen

Flight planning in Europe and China Workshop 
6-7 March

Besides similarities, also significant differences exist between the provisions for pre-flight planning (permissions to overfly, land and depart) in Europe and in China. Increasing mutual awareness, sharing best practices and expert insights on the flight planning processes and systems in place can support potential of innovation that benefits all aviation stakeholders in terms of safety, capacity and environmental impact.


A first exchange on flight planning in Europe and China, organised by the EU-China Aviation Partnership Project (APP), took place in 2019. Continuing technical cooperation on this subject, the APP will now hold a new workshop on 6 and 7 March 2024, where experts from authorities and industry will present on the following topics, among others:

  • European traffic forecasting processes and methodologies

  • Flight planning in China

  • Innovative technologies that advance interoperability and flightplan data sharing from a technical, operational and regulatory perspective

  • Flight Plan updates and monitoring

  • IFPS data verification

  • Airlines perspective on flight planning


Event details:


6-7 March 2024


09:30-16:30 (6 March)

09:00-14:45 (7 March)


Beijing, China



Representatives of the European aviation community who wish to attend, please register by sending your name, title, and company name to no later than 3 March 2024.


More details on the following upcoming activities will be provided in due course. Indicated dates are tentative.

Vertical and Lateral Flight Efficiency Workshop - 27-28 March 2024

More upcoming EU-China APP activities will be announced shortly

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Past Events


If you wish to find more about activities which have already occured, please visit our dedicated past events page.

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