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Helicopter Point-in-Space (PinS) procedure design and application Workshop

31 May - 1 June 2022

PinS workshop.jpg

From 31 May to 1 June, the EU-China Aviation Partnership Project (APP) held a workshop dedicated to helicopter Point-in-Space (PinS) procedure design and application. Intended to lay the groundwork for deeper understanding of the status and development of PinS in both regions and subsequent identification of further cooperation opportunities, the workshop brought together experts from EUROCONTROL, ATMB as well as industry to exchange their insights.

Over the course of the two days, subjects that were discussed include the regulatory environment for helicopter PinS procedures, concept of operations, procedure design, benefits for the operators, navigation and cockpit evolutions, and application and implementation examples. The presentations for this workshop were provided by EUROCONTROL, ATMB Zhuhai Terminal Air Traffic Control Center, CAAC Central-southern Airport Design & Research Institute, AirGreen Italy, Pildo Labs, EgisAvia, Austrocontrol, Airbus Helicopters, and Leonardo Helicopters.

More than 100 professionals from the helicopter domain were in attendance, and fruitful sessions for questions and answers between the main speakers and the audience took place. It was concluded that the workshop had been encouraging for further exchanges into the developing domain of PinS for helicopters, and that both European and Chinese representatives also looked forward to the other Air Traffic Management focused APP workshops on the schedule this year.

You can find the supporting resources for this activity here.  A password is required. To request access please contact Wang Lili at

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